The Imperial Capital Energy Research team has significant experience in the discovery and analysis of small and mid-cap companies across the Traditional and Clean segments of the Energy industry. These seasoned professionals have a strong track record of recognizing undervalued and special-situation investment opportunities -- across all levels of the issuer’s capital structure -- within the energy space.

Our Energy Research team is especially adept at identifying small to mid-cap exploration and production companies that are in the early stages of assessment and development of high rate-of-return domestic plays. At the same time, our industry experts continue to research more mature companies that regularly create value for shareholders. The team focuses on the capability to delineate unproven upside and grow production and reserves within each company’s capital availability.

Our deep sector knowledge is complemented by our ability to provide comprehensive insights and investment recommendations to institutional clients. Our Energy sector spans the following subsectors of the Traditional and Clean Energy industry segments:

  • Traditional
    • Exploration and Production
    • Midstream, Including Marketing, Gathering, Processing, and Transportation
    • Oil Services, Onshore and Offshore
    • Power, Utilities, Mining, and Coal
    • Refining, Marketing, Chemicals, and Petrochemicals
  • Clean Energy
    • Biofuels
    • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
    • Geothermal Developers
    • Smart-Grid and Energy Efficiency
    • Solar and Wind

For further information on our services, please contact:

Irene Haas
Managing Director
Equity and Industry Research
(732) 892-5606
Jason Wangler
Managing Director
Equity and Industry Research
(731) 892-5603
Kevin O’Brien
Managing Director
Institutional Research Group
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