Security/Homeland Security, and Technology Enabled Services

The Imperial Capital Security Industry Research team is recognized by leading institutional investors, security executives, and private equity investors, among others, for its original thematic research, deep fundamental analysis, and insights into company and industry trends. Our seasoned research professionals leverage their extensive knowledge and experience in multiple Security Industry vertical markets -- from leading-edge information security technologies to physical and monitoring security -- to effectively analyze a broad array of companies focused on Homeland Security, Government, Enterprise, and Residential markets.

Our deep sector knowledge is complemented by our ability to provide comprehensive insights and investment recommendations to institutional clients. Our team's experience extends to the following Security Industry markets:

  • Background Screening and "Reputation Management"
  • Enterprise Solutions, including Employee Access, Identification Management, Human Resources, IT, and Information Security
  • Explosives/Bio-/Radiological Sensors, and Other Product Technologies
  • Identification and Biometrics
  • Location-Based Services
  • Physical Guard and Armored Transport Services
  • Security Consulting
  • Security Monitoring (Commercial and Residential)
  • Systems Integration
  • Video Surveillance and Network Analytics

For further information on our services, please contact:

Jeff Kessler
Managing Director
Equity and Industry Research
(212) 351-9701
Edward P. Mally, CFA
Managing Director
Head of Institutional Research
(212) 351-9768