Canadian Dealer Notification and Exemption

International Dealer Notification and Exemption

As you may be aware, Imperial Capital, LLC (“Imperial”) was historically registered as a “restricted dealer” in Canada, under terms and conditions that permitted Imperial to trade in securities of both Canadian and non-Canadian issuers with Canadian “permitted clients”. The terms and conditions of the “restricted dealer” registration also caused the registration to expire as of July 11, 2015.

Currently, Imperial is relying on the “international dealer exemption” under section 8.18 of Canadian National Instrument “NI 31-103” Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations in each Canadian province.

If Imperial is trading with you in reliance upon the international dealer exemption, Imperial is subject to trading restrictions, including, with certain exceptions, trading only in securities of non-Canadian issuers with “permitted clients” resident in Canada.

This serves to put you on notice that you should place orders with another Canadian dealer for securities of Canadian issuers in accordance with NI 31-103. Imperial can continue to transact in securities of Canadian issuers with Canadian IIROC dealers and in securities of non-Canadian issuers with Canadian permitted clients.

If Imperial considers you a permitted client under NI 31-103 with which it can transact under the “international dealer exemption”, Imperial makes the following representations;

  • a. Imperial is not registered in any Canadian jurisdiction;
  • b. Imperial’s head office or principal place of business is in the State of California in the United States;
  • c. the name and address of the agent for service of process of Imperial in each Canadian jurisdiction can be found in Schedule A; and
  • d. there may be difficulty enforcing legal rights against Imperial because it is a resident outside Canada and all or substantially all of its assets may be situated outside of Canada.




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